Cobweb Cleaner Set with 1.4m Telescopic Handle & Rotation Joint


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  • Specially designed forward pointing bristles on the brush head, allows you to work with very little effort
  • It comes with a 1.4m handle when fully extended, when added to your own height the reach is approx 3.4m
  • Super effective for cleaning and removing cobwebs high up or down low
  • Great for cleaning all the tricky areas of the house, shed and carport - inside and out
  • Comatible with our Aqua Blade window cleaning attachments
  • Quality made in Germany


Cleaning and removing cobwebs high up or down low.

The triangle-shaped, high-reach brush can be used up 3.4 metres in height. The telescopic handle reaches 1.4 metres when extended, and is perfect for removing cobwebs with the specially shaped, forward-pointed bristles allowing you to work with very little effort.

The angled shape of the broom head allows corners to be cleaned with ease, while the adjustable head tilts to allow leaves to be swept from overhead gutters.

Overall, the lightweight but durable construction of the triangle high reach brush, will allow you to easily clean high and low areas of the house, shed and carport - inside and out!

Manufactured in a sustainable manner.

Made in Germany.

Time Saver!

By: on 15 September 2020
I own and operate a cleaning business I highly recommended This product Makes my job a whole lot easier other cob web brushes just doesn’t get into the corners , other brushes lose there bristles don’t last long and handles are weak and break easy. I will buy it again , Love this product

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