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For the first time, in the history of window cleaning, you can clean using individual downward strokes, without leaving side streaks. No fancy swivel techniques are required. The unique, silicon blade of the Aqua Blade dries surfaces without creating drips and streaks, by guiding the dirty water into the integrated water tank. Aqua Blade provides fast and efficient cleaning without getting your hands wet or leaving messy drips.  Only water and detergent are needed, just like a professional window cleaner. The highly flexible blade is suitable for windows, mirrors, shower screens, curved glass, car glass, bench tops, tiles and even on floors.

Made in Germany - 5 Year Guarantee


My name is Barbra , I purchased a Aqua Blade recently, and arrived yesterday. I have used it today and I thought you would like to know, that it is absolutely brilliant, it has cut down cleaning by at least halve, as we have a lot of glass area, it is a never ending job, the beauty of is no streaks, no hard rubbing or scrubbing perfect. Thank you for a wonderful product that actually does what its says, will be telling friends. Regards Barbra, Blackheath NSW