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Rake Broom

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Rake broom: developed, patented and made in Germany - has revolutionized sweeping for ever. With its fast, effortless and efficient sweeping of dirt and leaves it has quickly become Germany's best selling outdooor broom.

Thanks to its special rake shape bristles the Rake Broom conforms to any surface. Where a conventional broom often fails, the Rake Broom allows you to reach into the nooks and crannies. Sweeping and raking with very little effort, this broom is ideally suited for difficult surfaces like drive ways, paving, tiles, stones, garden beds and grassed areas. In fact it is even great for removing cobwebs!

Its a little like working with a rake but instead of 20 or 30 claws, you have 4800 or 6800 hard wearing bristles working for you.


The Outcome?

The job is done faster, with less effort and a better result.


Watch the video!


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