Premium Cleaning Set (Outdoor 45cm, Indoor 30cm & Cobweb broom set ) with telescopic handles included


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Premium Cleaning Set

  • Great Savings
  • Includes 3 brooms: 45cm Outdoor, 30cm Indoor & Corner Cobweb Broom with rotation joint
  • Comes with 3 x 0.8-1.4m telescopic handles
  • Made in Germany 2 Year Warranty
  • Outdoor Broom is excellent on all outdoor surfaces, smooth/uneven, grass, pebbles, mulch etc
  • Indoor Broom is perfect on timber and tiled floors and also great on carpet and couches (esp for pet hair)
  • Corner Cobweb Broom is versatile, works in high corners, tricky spaces and gutters


This patented & unique broom has revolutionised sweeping for good.

Designed and made in Germany it has quickly become Germany's favourite outdoor broom, and Australia is embracing the Rake Broom now too!

The Rake Broom provides effortless, fast and efficient sweeping of dirt, leaves and gum nuts. Thanks to its special rake shape bristles the Rake Broom conforms to any surface. Where a conventional broom often fails, the Rake broom allows you to reach into the nooks and crannies. Sweeping and raking with very little effort, this Broom is ideally suited for difficult surface structures such as driveways, paving, tiles, stone surface, garden beds, grassed areas and it is great for removing cobwebs.

It’s just like working with a rake but instead of 20 or 30 claws you have 4800 or 6800 hard wearing bristles working for you. The job is done faster, with less effort and a better result.

For easy storage, the Rake Broom comes with a robust and lightweight telescopic handle 0.80 -1.4 m in length

The Broom is made from environmentally friendly plantation pine and has hard-wearing, heat-set, nylon bristles.

It comes with a quality zinc handle connection, with self-tapping thread to allow for heavy-duty timber handles as well.


  • Large Outdoor Broom 40 cm with 45 cm sweeping width, with 0.8-1.4m telescopic handle
  • Indoor Broom 30cm width, with 0.8-1.4m telescopic handle
  • Corner Cobweb Broom, with 0.8-1.4m telescopic handle and rotation joint



By: on 1 October 2019
We love these brooms! They simply do their jobs so well. The bristles seem to get into all the difficult places - like the decking, corners and are even great for raking over mulch and pebbles without messing the mulch up. I love using the outdoor broom on the lawn too as it moves the leaves and sticks but is gentle on the grass. The indoor broom is amazing at sweeping up finer dust and all the pet hair. The funny triangle broom is awesome for high corners and we also use it to clean our gutters out (you can angle the head so it tilts forward)... Get these brooms... you will not regret it!

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