Rake Broom Outdoor 35cm, telescopic handle included


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35cm sweeping width

  • Works on both even & uneven surfaces 
  • Easily removes leaves, sticks, gumnuts and pine needles
  • Effective on lawn, artificial grass and perfect for uneven surfaces
  • Excellent for removing leaves from pebbled and mulched surfaces
  • Made in Germany 2 Year Warranty

The perfect outdoor broom for everyone and every job!

 At 35cm wide our small outdoor Rake Broom is perfect for all those fiddly jobs: in and around the deck, garage and garden shed, and of course tight areas like steps and the front entrance.

Whatever the job, Rake Broom's uniquely shaped bristles will ensure that your sweeping will be effortless.

This broom is easy on your back and will be a great alternative to smelly, noisy and dust creating blowers.

A premium quality telescopic handle (1.4 m) is included, however the self tapping metal fitting can also accommodate a heavy duty timber handle instead.

Manufactured in a sustainable manner.

Made in Germany. 


Great Rake

By: on 2 March 2022
German quality

Fantastic Product

By: on 12 February 2022
I live in an over 50's Resort with over 270 homes all of which have synthetic grass. Many of my friends also purchased the Rake Broom as soon as they were shown it being used and I expect many more home owners will be proud owners of a Rake Broom very soon. There are 2 sizes 45cm and 35cm both do an excellent job far better and quicker to use than normal brooms, Vacuum cleaners or leaf blowers.They sweep up all of the rubbish that gets on the lawns with ease also sprucing up the pile making it look so clean. I highly recommend Rake Broom they are made from quality products and are one of the best inventions that I have seen that actually does the job that it should. Keeping your lawn in pristine condition with very little effort easy to use by men and women of all ages.

Great Product

By: on 26 October 2021
I was given a rake broom a few years ago the best invention out I use mine all the time its better then a rake.I loan mine to my sister she loved it so much so that is why I got her this one anything to make it easy to rake up leaves.I would recommend this product to anyone especially for older people.

Rake Broom (35cm)

By: on 17 March 2021
I recently purchased this rake broom and overall it is very effective, especially raking/sweeping artificial grass, but the only criticism I have is that the handle moves, i.e. unscrews a little, so my husband has glued the handle to the rake/broom and that has proven to be very effective.

excellent product

By: on 15 March 2021
Extremely Happy with the Rake Broom

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