Rake Broom Outdoor 45cm, telescopic handle included

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45cm sweeping width

  • Works on both even & uneven surfaces 
  • Easily removes leaves, sticks, gumnuts and pine needles
  • Effective on lawn, artificial grass and perfect for uneven surfaces
  • Removes leaves effectively from pebbled and mulched surfaces
  • Made in Germany 2 Year Warranty

This patented & unique broom has revolutionised sweeping for good.

Designed and made in Germany it has quickly become Germany's favourite outdoor broom, and Australia is embracing the Rake Broom now too!

The Rake Broom provides effortless, fast and efficient sweeping of dirt, leaves and gum nuts. Thanks to its special rake shape bristles the Rake Broom conforms to any surface. Where a conventional broom often fails, the Rake broom allows you to reach into the nooks and crannies. Sweeping and raking with very little effort, this Broom is ideally suited for difficult surface structures such as driveways, paving, tiles, stone surface, garden beds, grassed areas and it is great for removing cobwebs.

It’s just like working with a rake but instead of 20 or 30 claws you have 4800 or 6800 hard wearing bristles working for you. The job is done faster, with less effort and a better result.

For easy storage, the Rake Broom comes with a robust and lightweight telescopic handle 0.80 -1.4 m in length

The Broom is made from environmentally friendly plantation pine and has hard-wearing, heat-set, nylon bristles.

It comes with a quality zinc handle connection, with self-tapping thread to allow for heavy-duty timber handles as well.

The outdoor Rake Broom is availaible in two sizes:

Small Broom 30 cm with 35 cm sweeping width

Large Broom 40 cm with 45 cm sweeping width


great product

By: on 6 December 2018
very well made broom good handle works very well as described much better than using a normal rake around the yard I am very happy with my purchase

Rake Broom

By: on 20 November 2018
Fantastic product, great for paving and our artificial turf.

Excelent Broom

By: on 17 October 2018
I purchased the rake broom from a shopping centre outpost some time ago. I found that is worked so well on all surfaces even rough paving. The broom was so effective I decided to purchase another one. One for the front and one for the back. They even work quite well on damp material unlike other brooms. Great product.

Saves time & effort!

By: on 16 March 2017
What did I do before I had my rake broom? Spent ages picking up leaves, spolit fallen fruit & sweeping the deck. The rake broom has cut my time & effort down by about 2/3rds & I get a better result. Its a must have in our household now. Love it!

Thanks for saving us work!

By: on 31 January 2017
We would like to make a comment on the rakebroom- we have been using this product for a few years and it is just the best- we now have a his and hers version because one of us always wanted/needed it when the other had it- no other tool in our household has ever been that popular. We bought our son 1 also and he says it is the best rake/broom ever and it does a multiple of jobs. My daughter saw me using mine at Christmas and wanted to know where she could get one from! I know what she is getting for her birthday! Great product and is looking like lasting a long time. The covwebber is also great. We live in Darwin- in the rural area so they get a good regular work-out! Thanks for saving us work!

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