UniClik Universal Trimmer Head with $10 pack of USA made quality trimmer line


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  • Fits all petrol machines
  • Fast and easy line change
  • Low profile means it cuts closer to the ground
  • Stainless steel plate for extra long life
  • Runs up to 6 lines
  • Works with right and left rotating machines
  • Nothing to unscrew or take apart
  • Stainless steel bushes
  • Double jaw system
  • Rust free & durable mechanism
  • Attachment fittings for all machines included


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   Made in Germany / Australia


UniClik is a premium quality trimmer head, evolved from 8 years of research and development. The unique double jaw system, stainless steel eyelets and stainless steel base plate make UniClik the highest quality trimmer head on the market. The insertion and replacement of cutting line has never been easier. UniClik fits all petrol trimmers and can be run with any shape of trimmer line ( 2.5 - 5mm dia.)







                  Suitable for both bent shaft and straight shaft machines

UniClik Assembly for Straight Shaft Machines


UniClik Assembly for Bent Shaft Machines


Non standard Machines


Download PDF to read or print instructions.

A general clean of the trimmer head is recommended once you notice the cutting line is not held in properly anymore.

How to clean your UniClik:

  1. Undo three screws in the back of the Uni Clik with a Torx 20 key.
  2. Remove steel plate.
  3. Lift out the six eyelets.
  4. Lift out springs.
  5. Lift out Jaws (best done with pointy nose pliers). Note: don’t touch the system (teeth) with pliers!!!
  6. Wash inside of the housing with an old toothbrush and warm water.
  7. Remove stubborn dirt with a small flat head screwdriver.
  8. Reassemble by starting with eyelets, than jaws, than springs. Note: if the guide system is worn you can order parts individually.


Do not allow the cutting line to get too short; this makes the job harder and the trimmer head is more likely to suck up dust and dirt.

Store cutting line away from the sun; this keeps the line more flexible. To rejuvenate old cutting line, it should be stored in water for a week.

Great product with excellent service!

By: on 27 March 2019
Today I received my trimmer head from your company.This is my second one and is a little different from my first.The first one I have had for many years and have found it to be brilliant,the only thing I have done to it is replace the springs and jaws and that was only after many years of excellent performance.There is nothing wrong with the first machine,it is a Shingu,but with a bit more work now I decided to purchase a new machine a Shingdaiwa,but before I even used this machine I had to have a Uniclik trimmer head to fit because they are the best.Many thanks to your company for a great product with excellent service.Best wishes and kind regards Peter


By: on 13 November 2018
Well, I spent a few hours cleaning up a dirty and dusty trimmer head—soaked everything, left it in the sun to dry, put it all back together and went into the yard to tackle some growth near our southern fence. Brilliant! I gave it quite a bit of work, and it worked like new!!! Not only no slippage from the line, but hardly any wear on the line itself. It is a tribute to your company that you offer such great follow-up service and personal assistance. You have certainly strengthened good will with this satisfied customer. As I mentioned, I purchased my Uniclik trimmer in April 2010, and it has not been serviced, removed or cleaned in all that time. Will get back to you for more trimmer line when my stock gets lower. Very best wishes, John

Excellent Product

By: on 9 April 2018
I have used this product for around 20 years and it is still in excellent working condition, the ease of replacing the cutting pieces is just great.

I would certainly recommend this product

By: on 26 April 2017
Dear Sir, Recently I purchased your UniClik Trimmerhead plus the pre cut Vortex Trimmer Line which readily fitted to my Tanaka brush cutter. I have 5 acres to manage so brush cutting can take me most of a day to perform. Having just used your equipment I am most impressed. Compared to the head used to date, which has a single green line with only two strands protruding, the six lines on the UniClik performs much better. Fitting the Vortex Trimmer Line to the new head is so easy. The previous line was cumbersome to remove when broken and difficult to replace in comparison. What is really good is that so far I have not had to replace any lines due to the design of the head. In the past I would have replaced the line about 6 to 10 times in a day. I would certainly recommend this product. Richard Carter Berry, NSW.

It works really well!

By: on 24 February 2017
I got my UniClik yesterday and tried it out this morning. I am very impressed with the system. It has turned my one line trimmer into a high performance three line unit. Thanks for a great unit that works really well.

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