Cobweb Long Reach Cleaner Set Telescopic Handle 3.4m & Rotation Joint


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1.4m - 3.4 m

  • Specially designed forward pointing bristles on the brush head, allows you to work with very little effort
  • 1.4m - 3.4m plus your own height incl. outstretched arms approx reach 5.4
  • Super effective for cleaning and removing cobwebs high up or down low
  • Great for cleaning all the tricky areas of the house, shed and carport - inside and out
  • Comatible with our Aqua Blade window cleaning attachments, for use on your highest windows
  • Quality made in Germany
  • Delivery via courier only

Cleaning and removing cobwebs high up or down low.

The telescopic handle extends to 3.4 metres, combined with your own height (incl. outstretched arms) the triangle cob-web head will reach a height of approximately 5.4m and is perfect for removing cobwebs with the specially shaped, forward-pointed bristles allowing you to work with very little effort.

The angled shape of the broom head allows corners to be cleaned with ease, while the adjustable head tilts to allow leaves to be swept from overhead gutters.

Overall, the lightweight but durable construction of the triangle high reach brush, will allow you to easily clean high and low areas of the house, shed and carport - inside and out!

Manufactured in a sustainable manner.

Made in Germany.

Please note:  The long reach 3.4m handles are over 1.05 metres in length and cannot be sent via Australia Post and must be delivered via courier.  Courier deliveries must be to a physical address and not to a PO Box.  It is our aim to minimise delivery costs and in many cases delivery is often subsidised, however Eurolux Australia reserves the right to adjust postage and delivery charges for deliveries outside major metropolitan areas or when otherwise required.  If this is the case, we will contact you prior to processing for your authorisation.


Great long handled duster

By: on 17 May 2022
Great product and very prompt service. Just dusted the cobwebs out of a really awkward skylight! Very happy with this - feels sturdy too.

Amazing Customer Service

By: on 12 May 2022
First of all can I say the customer service was excellent. We ordered our cobweb broom on 10th may and we were using it on the 12th may. It was exactly what we wanted. We have an outdoor area with high apex roof and the extension broom was fantastic. Many thanks Liz Leopold,vic.

Perfect solution to my stairwell problem

4 June 2021
I am very happy that I bought this cleaner set. It is well made and the pole is solid and works well even when fully extended. I have a window high up in the stairwell of my townhouse. Finally I have the tool that allows me to clear cobwebs that occasionally are found on the architrave and in tight corners up high. As an added bonus, the pole fits the aqua blades that I have been using for some years. This will allow me to clean the window in the stairwell as well as some external windows that have proven difficult to get to due to shrubbery and my (lack of) height.


By: on 3 July 2019
I bought the Cobweb Broom in February 2019, brilliant product. I have an alfresco area that has quite a steep pitch and high which is lined with timber & high windows, this product cleaned it perfectly in seconds without leaving any webs behind, it cleaned it off the cedar weatherboards surrounding the high windows with ease, I had the extension pole out to almost the maximum and was extremely easy to use. Now don't have to use ladders or ask the other reluctant other half!!

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