Square Casserole Dish 28x28x7cm high, incl. oven-proof glass lid

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28cm x 28cm x 7cm

  • Ergonomically-formed handles and lid knobs oven-safe up to 260 C.
  • Hand-cast base with 4-stage titanium micro-ceramic surface.
  • Food and Safety tested quality by TUEV Rhineland & LGA.
  • Energy-saving, see-through cooking with premium glass lid.
  • Easy cleaning and versatile use.
  • Quality handmade in Germany.


  • Our most popular shape.
  • Ideal allrounder for general frying as the rim is higher.
  • Especially suitable to frying, braising, casseroles, food with sauces and baking in the oven.
  • The larger frying space makes the square pan very versatile.
  • Designed for round cook tops. The base underneath is round and the product heats evenly.
  • This item is recommended for 4+ people and for every day cooking.
  • Includes oven-proof premium glass lid.



All products in the EUROLUX® range are MADE IN GERMANY using a high-tech titanium ceramic non-stick surface with Micro Ceramic® technology along with the proven, hand-cast permanent mould process.

Using only high-quality alloy from German foundries, the 8-9mm base is guaranteed not to warp, even after years of use.

The elaborate production process allows the cookware to heat up quickly, with optimal energy efficiency and excellent heat storage.

Thus reducing your energy bills while enabling you to slow-cook or roast the most delicious meals ever.

Considering the health benefits, safety, durability and eco-friendly manufacturing, Eurolux is leading the way in how quality cookware should be made.


  1. Designer handle, grip, and cover handle, oven-resistant (260 deg C).
  2. Awareded with the LGA quality, health and safety approval.
  3. Energy saving, see-through cooking with the heat resistant hardened cover made of glass.
  4. 7-8 mm energy saving thermo base.
  5. Reinforced pouring rim with opposing handle.
  6. Swiss high-tech titanium- micro ceramic surface

All products from the Eurolux Exclusive series are made of a high-quality alloy hand cast . Made in a German smeltery. Hand cast is the best possible option to create energy efficient and non distorting cookware. Eurolux has a 7-8 mm thick base, finely turned on a lathe. Warping of the Thermobasic base is not possible, even after years of use.

Sophisticated manufacturing. facilitates quick heating with optimal energy use, the best heat storage and uniform heat distribution.

The base

  • The hand cast base is suitable for all cooktops, including glass and induction*.
  • Eurolux exclusive hand cast alloy:
    • conducts heat faster
    • retains heat longer
    • reaches a higher temperature
    • has more uniform heat distribution (testing of the above results was conducted on a Meile glass cooktop)
  • shock resistant (hot to cold)
  • 25 year guarantee against distortion
  • rounded edges to avoid scratching glass cooktops

The Surface

Eurolux has one of the first titanium micro ceramic reinforced non-stick surface. This surface is internationally exclusive to Eurolux cookware. In a speciale heating process, all Eurolux products get sintered off at 435 Degrees C. This is done to ensure that the Products are food safe and no fumes are realeased while cooking on high temperature.

The Handles

The Bakelite handles are not only stylish in design but also offer great safety features.

  • Heat resistant up to 260 deg C
  • Ergonomically formed
  • Asbestos free
  • stay cool (on cooktop)
  • No rivets on the inside of the cooking surface
  • Safety certified by TUEV Rhineland (technical testing authority)
  • Lifetime free replacement

Induction Cookware

Eurolux induction cookware was developed in conjunction with major German Induction stove manufactures. We have used the same Eurolux Cookware and plasma welded a magnetic steel base to the cookware. This will give you all the benefits of Eurolux non stick cookware, with the added advantage of being able to be used on induction tops without the anoying humming noise from a lot of other induction cookware.

Eurolux Cookware Guarantee 

All Eurolux cookware bases are guaranteed for 25 years against any warping or distortion.

All Eurolux cookware products have a 3-year workmanship guarantee.

This guarantee covers any manufacturing or workmanship faults for cookware, including lid knobs, handles and glassware. The guarantee does not cover faults due to accidental breakage or misuse.

Faulty items will be replaced free of charge, after verification and assessment.

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.


The guarantee maybe voided when the care instructions are not followed.

If the guarantee period has lapsed, you may still contact us, as we may be able to offer repairs or replacement items at a reduced cost.

Guarantee enquiries should be made to Eurolux Australia on 1300 137 881 or via email info@eurolux-australia.com.au before returning products.


Caring for your Eurolux Cookware


Before first use

Clean the cookware with hot water and a little dishwashing detergent, dry it thoroughly and oil it with a little cooking oil.

The cookware is now ready to use.

Note for ceramic-glass cooktops:

Always check for remains of dirt on the pan or pot base or on the ceramic-glass cooktop! Even the smallest salt or pepper grains can scratch the ceramic-glass cooktop as well as the cookware base when you're sliding the cookware back and forth.

Lift your pan instead of sliding it, the handles are designed for this purpose.


Add some oil or shortening to your pre-heated pan, then add the food for frying.  Make sure to be careful of the frying temperature and avoid overheating.  Burnt food and oils may become unhealthy and bitter in flavour.

Please be aware that some oils should not be used for high temperature frying, as they are not heat stable enough. Ideal frying temperature is considered to be between 190-220°C.  When using low temperature cooking oils such as butter, margarine and olive oil, be sure to maintain a lower cooking temperature. 

Please also, be aware that high-sugar marinades and vegetables such as red capsicum can burn very easily and are best fried with oil at a medium temperature.


Use warm water, a little dishwashing detergent and a normal washing brush to clean the cookware. Make sure to wash off all residues, as these may build up over time and may reduce the non-stick properties. Do not leave food overnight in frying or baking cookware.

Please avoid abrasive cleaners!

Traces of use may become visible over time however, this will not affect the cooking characteristics.


General Tips and Tricks



Ensure you prepare all ingredients before you start cooking to make the cooking process easier and faster.

Heating the cookware:

Do not overheat the oil in the cookware (if the oil begins to smoke it is already too hot), as this will destroy the oil and will create a bitter taste.


Quick-fry meat, vegetables or seafood in a hot wok. Do not overload the wok. Overloading will drop the temperature in your wok and the meat will stew.

Seafood odour:

To reduce or take the smell of seafood away from your hands, rub half a lemon into each hand and wash with cold water and soap.

Cooking times:

All recipes are guidelines only and may vary from time to time, depending on your ingredients, the portion-size of your food, the heat distribution from stove to pan or other non-controllable/variable circumstances.

Roasting meat:

Marinate your meat for one to two hours with herbs or mustards before roasting to add great flavour. When roasting meat, keep your oven temperature below 190°C. This will cook the meat more evenly and ensure a nice, moist roasting—the roast won’t dry out. You will also find the oven less dirty due to no fat bursts or explosions, which happens when roasting above 190°C.

28x 28 square casserole dish

By: on 2 September 2019
I really love the square dish it’s more versatile than a round dish it’s beautiful to cook in and must be commended for the workmanship as the non stick properties are awesome you won’t be disappointed when purchasing this dish it comes with a glass lid which is economical as well

Fantastic cookware!

By: on 17 September 2016
I am a passionate home cook and fell in love with the Eurolux quality as of my very first cook. I love searing my meat on the stovetop on high for a short period of time and then let it roast on low in the oven to perfection. This will keep the meat moisture at the end. Eurolux cookware makes this step so easy as I just take the same pan or casserole from stove top into the oven. The casserole will fit in my oven perfectly and for the pan I just take off the handle very easily in seconds. The pan takes on the heat very fast, which makes it very efficient also. Last but not least, as far I enjoy cooking, I don’t like the cleaning bit. I was very positive surprised, how easy the cleaning of the cookware was, I just used a soft cloth, some water and detergent, there was no need to rub. Thank you Eurolux for such a great cookware, which makes cooking even more enjoyable! Tanja, NSW

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