Blumat Classic - Pack of 6


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Automated, Natural Watering Six Pack

  • Great value 6 pack
  • Simple & effective watering system for potted plants
  • Each cone delivers approx 75mL/24h
  • Requires no timers or power source
  • Delivers the perfect amount of water
  • Will not over-water
  • Ideal for holidays
  • Suitable for small to medium pots

What is included:

  • 6 Blumat Clay cones
  • 6 Stoppers with water feeding tube attached
  • Plant and water bowls not included


The Blumat system supplies plants with water directly through porous clay cones- the surrounding soil, when dry, draws moisture out of the cone. Water then re-fills the cone from the adjacent reservoir.

Prerequisite for correct operation is a lower or equal water level in the reservoir. A limited capacity for transporting water is designed to meet the needs of indoor plants, two different cone sizes allow for a better fit according to the plant's requirements.

Larger plants require more Blumat drippers in order to provide sufficient water. If the system is planned for long term use, it will be necessary to refill the water supply container on a regular basis.

How does Blumat for Houseplants actually work?

First, the Blumat for Houseplants is filled with water and sealed. The suction tube must be free of air, carefully bleed any air bubbles from tube. As the soil dries, the ceramic cone delivers water gradually into the surrounding earth-thereby creating a subpressure within the cone. The subpressure causes water to be sucked from the nearby container of water.
This is the same tensiometer principle as used in the Tropf-Blumat (drip system) However, in the Tropf-Blumat System, the subpressure is used to activate a valve and water is fed under pressure to the plants.

Worth knowing

When functioning correctly, the dispensed water is drawn in through the tube. The water level in the Blumat Classic remains virtually unchanged. Keep the water container topped up. If the water container is empty, the Blumat will also have to be refilled.

Long-term watering: It is best to use opaque containers as this prevents algae growth. In addition, water the plants every 4-6 weeks with a watering can.

Maintenance: Blumat will last longer if it is thoroughly cleaned once a year. Open the Blumat and lay both parts in warm water for about five minutes. Then press the cap on firmly several times under water to flush any impurities out of the tube. Clean inside the cone with a small brush and sand down the outside with sandpaper.

Perfect Solution for Plant Watering when Vacationi

By: on 17 March 2020
The Blumat Classic and Classic XL watering cones do everything the manufactures states in their advertising. Providing you follow the simple instructions you can’t go wrong. Some experimentation may be required in placement of the water reservoir either level or below the plant to achieve the desired water flow rate to suit the particular plant, however, in every case it works perfectly and the plants love it! Great purchase and highly recommended.

Blumat Classic - Pack of 6

By: on 10 January 2019
Great product does what it says on the pack easy to set up and use.

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