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Titanium Ultra

Eurolux –exclusive cookware. Made in Germany to the worlds highest standards. The combination of fine attributes make “Eurolux- exclusive” unbeatable in quality and a pleasure to cook with.

The worlds first cookware with a unique swiss made titanium fibre surface. This ovenproof cookware range is guaranteed food safe, non warping and energy efficient, making Eurolux an extremely versatile, durable and useful addition to every household.

Eurolux is the cookware of choice by many famous Australian cooks including chefs from the Australian Culinary Federation.


Eurolux Craftsman


Standing the test of time...

10 years ago I purchased the Eurolux square casserole dish. Sold on its high food safe standards, its still in great condition, handles firm, cooking surface not scratched, cracked or worn. Cooking with it is enjoyable, food doesn't stick or burn, and the food tastes great! Best of all, the washing up is so easy!

I'm not a chef, just a passionate home cook that likes to experiment with food, and cooking with Eurolux has given me the opportunity to have many enjoyable meals!

Thank you Eurolux for such a well engineered quality product!

Sid, Adelaide Hills, SA



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